My woman - POMPEII 6674


Jimmy Taylor

Ben the Balladeer has posted this one in his excellent blog here – but I wanted to add my 2c to this very fine deep piece – particularly in relation to the Rose Lynch 45 on Winner. Both tracks were cut in St Louis and the sound is so similar they could have been part of the same session. ListenMy Woman has some lovely “chopped” rhythm guitar, tasteful lead guitar (Phil Westmorland?), ghostly organ so far down in the mix and well featured horn support. The “feel” of the disc is so right – super uncluttered arrangement – the essence of southern soul.

And on top Jimmy is so precise – breathy and careful without getting over excited. But you can tell the fire is there, lurking just below the surface. The flip, a bluesy ballad called “At The Crossroads” is also well worth listening to. A wonderful disc indeed. How it got from Missouri to Pat Morgan’s Dallas based Pompeii concern is anybody’s guess.



At the crossroads / ListenMy woman ~ POMPEII 6674 (1968)


Note ~ I’m 99% sure the Jimmy Taylor on Dore is another artist. But what about the guy who made the fine “Jealous” for RSP in the 80s? Could well be the same guy – can anybody confirm?


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