Little Eddie Taylor


Little Eddie Taylor

No this isn’t the excellent blues guitarist who accompanied Jimmy Reed on most of his classic Chicago recordings but another guy altogether. As far as I can tell this is his only 45 – but it’s a very good one. The flip side all the Northern soul fans want is a fairly good thumper but ListenForgive One Mistake is in a different league altogether. Set in a rather unusual semi-latin rhythm it’s a tuneful ballad full of charm. Taylor doesn’t scream his regret but with his somewhat nasal tone manages to get the message across quite effectively. The occasional falsetto phrase really helps as well. Yet another winner from the Duke stable – really sticks in the mind.

The Tropical 45 ListenJust The Way You Are is a pretty solid ballad. The song isn't as strong as the Peacock 45 but Eddie's vocal still delivers the goods.

Just the way you are - TROPICAL 101Forgive one mistake - PEACOCK 1949


ListenJust the way you are / The State song ~ TROPICAL 101 (1963?)
ListenForgive one mistake / I had a good time ~ PEACOCK 1949 (1967)


UPDATE ~ Swamp Dogg has written to say that Eddie Taylor on Tropical is the same guy. He says " He could sing his ass off and women were crazy about him...he was a true ladies man. He told me that he was Johnny Taylor's brother but Johnny wouldn't acknowledge him."

The incedible photo comes from Colin Dilnott. The caption that accompanies it says "Wee Eddie Taylor 2 3/4 feet tall packed with dynamite (song and dance man)"!

Many thanks to Swamp Dogg and Colin Dilnot for the extra info.


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