Tiny Timmy Tipp

I’m not sure I’ve written about a singer more obscure than Tiny Timmy Tipp in the 10 years or so since I started writing this website. On a label Fencoe that is scarcely less well known. At any rate the hideously rare ListenHelp Me To Find A Love is an excellent ballad well worthy of its place here. The alliterative Tipp sings good and strong and the band provide a very solid foundation for him. The bouncy flip “I Got A Girl” is OK as well.

Any info at all on this artist would be very welcome.

UPDATE ~ Bob McGrath (see Links) has kindly emailed with details of another Fencoe release by the Foxes (Fencoe 617), which is arranged by the great Robert Banks. This suggests the label came from New York or New Jersey. Thanks Bob - very helpful.

NEW UPDATE ~ Greg Burgess has kindly provided links to records by Tiny Tip & The Tip Tops on Chess and Scarlet. He asks "could these be Tiny Timmy Tip before his voice developed?" A very good question. Can anybody confirm this? The links are here, here and here.


ListenHelp me to find a love / I got a girl ~ FENCOE 501 (1965)


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