Underground Railroad


Underground Railroad


This group’s socio political awareness is shown by their choice of name, and this one-off 45 is a celebration of black culture in the district that symbolises it geographically. The musical setting is pure deep soul, with some strong horns and good chord changes and when the lead singer cuts loose for the last 30 seconds or so that too becomes a celebration – this time of the gospel roots that lie behind the vocal styles of soul music from the Golden Age

Harlem on my mind - A & T 111Judging by the lyrics this must have been cut around the early 70s in New York. It featured on a very obscure LP entitled "Discovery Club Vol 1" which had the Underground Railroad on one side and a group from Westchester NY called Tree Of Life on the other. The album appears to have been mailed out to members of the Discovery Club, as a showcase for unrecorded black talent in association with the Together Brothers And Sisters Program. Sadly the other cuts by the Underground Rialroad are Hendrix style rock.




Ain't no second best / ListenHarlem on my mind ~ A & T 111

Discovery Club Vol 1 LP ~ DISCOVERY CLUB RECORDS (1 side - the other by Tree Of Life)

Thanks to Sean Graham for extra info.



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