Rose Valentine

Any attention this single has had, the only 45 ever released by New York vocalist Rose Valentine, has been concentrated on the flip. “I’ve Gotta Know Right Now” has its supporters on the Northern scene, hence its popularity but unfortunately the song is rather drab and the whole arrangement is very run of the mill. No wonder RCA went with ListenWhen The Heartaches End as the top side. The song is much more focussed and the slower tempo allows Rose to really show off her gospel chops – makes her “little girl” range much easier to take as well. Both sides were co-written and produced by that interesting Big Apple music man Prince Harold for Guardian Productions which was owned by Roy & Julie Rifkind who went on to launch Spring and Event Records among other imprints.


ListenWhen the heartaches end / I’ve gotta know right now ~ RCA 9276 (1967)


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