Nothing but a devil - IMPRESSARIO 128

John Billy West

This dead slow ballad from the West Coast has a glue like quality – the refrain really sticks in the mind. The song was penned by West himself and his vocals are breathily effective, especially with some sterling female support. This became one of the few outside productions that the Holland Brothers and Lamont Dozier accepted for their Invictus group of labels.

UPDATE ~ Both Pete Nickols and Dante Carfagna have written to say that West and the Impressario labe lwere from Texas not the West Coast. Dante adds "Fairly confident that the West 45 on Impresario is from Houston, though West might actually be from Beaumont or Pt. Arthur, Texas." I'm grateful to them both for their info.

FURTHER UPDATE ~ Both Mr West hmimself and his daughter have been in touch with me. I am very pleased to say that they like this page about Mr West's music.



ListenNothing but a devil / Yeah I’m a devil ~ IMPRESSARIO 128 / INVICTUS 9101 (1971)



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