I'm so glad to be back home - ALA 1171

Ray Williams

This fine double sided 45 from the West Coast is the only record I know by Ray Williams which is a pity because he shows himself a very fine singer here. ListenI’m So Glad To Be Back Home is a very churchy deep piece, led by some lovely guitar, triplet piano and held together by some fine organ. Over this rhythm section Williams pours his heart out helped by a small choir. Love those falsetto shrieks at the end. ListenTell Me Now carries on the mood and is as good if not better than the other side. The whole 45 was created by the talented Benny Conn.





ListenI’m so glad to be back home / ListenTell me now ~ ALA 1171

Note ~ This artist isn’t the same guy as the Grenadian singer a sample of whose music can be found here. Neither is it the same Ray Williams who cut some blues for the Texas based Space label.


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