I'll be there - CAPITOL 5835

Ruben Wright

New York based Wright’s early records were pop/doo wop but he translated to the soul era, cutting several 45s for Capitol in the mid-60s. The Northern fans favourite “Hey Girl” is, I’m afraid, lightweight pop and best avoided. “Let Me Go Lover”, “Where Was I” and “When The World Is Ready” are big city beat ballads, just about on the right side of middle-of-the-road show tune dramatics, and well realised, as you’d expect from a major label’s output. But in the midst of this rather undistinguished rag bag there is one little nugget of gold. ListenI’ll Be There is a heartfelt deep soul piece in the grand manner – gospel chord changes, 6/8 format, arpeggio guitar and piano, subtle horn lines – what more could any of us want? Perhaps the best part though is the maturity and passion that Wright brings to the tune, totally outside anything else he cut. Love the “duelling” femme background singers at the end – and the bass male voice egging them on! The very southern uptempo flip “You’ve Done Me Wrong” is worthwhile as well making this a strong 45. I suspect the reason for this excellent change of direction is the Philly conection of "Harthon Enterprises" and Luther Randolph as noted on the label. This disc was recorded in the City of Brotherly Love as was Wright’s final single cut for Virtue.



Girls make me nervous / Love is gone ~ WYNNE 119 (1958)
To you / Bye bye ~ LANCER 101 (1959)
Where was I / Bye bye ~ CAPITOL 5317 (1964)
I'm walking out on you / Hey girl ~ CAPITOL 5588 (1966)
Crazy baby / Everybody needs somebody ~ CAPITOL 5686 (1966)
You've done me wrong / ListenI'll be there ~ CAPITOL 5835 (1967)
Let me go lover / When the world is ready ~ CAPITOL 2045 (1967)
I'm gonna have my day / La la la ~ VIRTUE 2505

Thanks to Jim the Strandwolf for picking this one out.


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