Sunday Williams

Chicago singer Sunday Williams’ first record “Ain’t Got No Problems” on Bill Meeks’ Alteen label was a big local disc, and was picked up by Chess. Sadly they couldn’t break it out of the city. As usual I much prefer the tuneful ballad flip “Where Did He Come From” on which Sunday gives a really well thought out vocal. It’s a bit too sweet for these pages however, but her second release isn’t. On ListenYou’ve Hurt Me Now Sunday has enough little girl vulnerability to satisfy any fan, and yet it also has a strong melody and just a hint of that mid tempo lilting swing that Chicago did so well.

Red Balloon has a Los Angeles location on it but with names like Johhny Cameron and Clarence Johnson credited you can be sure that the 45 was made in the Windy City, as you can for all the other releases on the label from the interesting Reggie Soul to the Ledgends.



Ain’t got no problems / Where did he come from ~ ALTEEN 9631 / CHESS 2074 (1969)


That’s what you want / ListenYou’ve hurt me now ~ RED BALLOON 02 (1970?)

Note ~ Chicago expert Bob Abrahamian interviewed the background singers on Sunday’s Alteen release, The Voices, for his excellent Sitting In The Park radio show which you can find here. I think the best bit was captured on video which shows the Voices joining in as Bob played “Ain’t Got No Problems”. You can find it on YouTube here. Bob also reports that Sunday is alive and well - long may it continue. I'm grateful as always to Bob for his info and kindness in sharing it.

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