Here I come - FESTIVAL 707


Louis Younger

Louis Younger was another in the seemingly endless parade of quality New York singers who never made the big time. You’ve got to love the passion and fire he brings to ListenLoneliness Won’t Leave Me as well as the always fine playing of the Big Apple soul mafia. Great subdued horn chart as well. I love the chord changes of the song too – but really this is all about Younger’s wonderful performance.

Loneliness won't leave me alone - NEPENTHE 101And if that is his best single track then the Festival 45 is his finest release. ListenRemember Not To Forget is a big city ballad in the classic mould - strings, female chorus and all the trimmings. Younger is comparatively restrained vocally but he still delivers the goods. ListenHere I Come is a rather deeper effort with a more powerful vocal over a simplified rhythm section and brief horn blasts. Note the presence of Dave “Baby” Cortez as writer and co-producer. I’d bet it’s his organ that we can hear leading the tune as well. Very nice.


ListenHere I come / ListenRemember not to forget ~ FESTIVAL 707 (1967)
ListenLoneliness won’t leave me / A friend in need ~ NEPENTHE 101 (1968)
A friend in need / Night chick ~ SPECTRUM 105 (1968)
Loneliness won’t leave me / Night chick ~ SPECTRUM 108 (1968)



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