Below is a list of links for further browsing and information, please contact Sir Shambling if you have any suggestions:

Chronology Of The Best Female Soul Songs - Marten Tonnis' excellent list of the most melodic soul songs, ranging from 1923 to 2014, complete with links to soundfiles. A blog full of good taste and impeccable information. Highly recommended.

Sisters Sing Soul ~ Greg Mudry's excellent audio blog covering female deep soul. Full of enthusiasm, info and with impeccable musical taste Greg has made this listening resource absolutely essential.

The Soul Of The Net ~ Yoni Neeman's excellent resource remains the best single soul website.

The Stax Site ~ Patrick Montier's labour of love on behalf of the greatest southern soul label.

The Soul Discography ~ Bob McGrath's mammoth work will surely become the best source for soul music info.

The AMG Guide ~ Use at your peril! Watch out for hilariously inaccurate/incomplete entries.

Album Discographies ~ Useful and interesting LP listings by label.

Ohio Soul Recordings ~ Dante Carfagna's wonderful listing of Ohio soul recordings by label.

Carolina Soul ~ Jason Perlmutter's indispensible listing of North and South Carolina soul recordings by label.

Georgia Soul Recordings ~ Brian Poust's equally valuable listing of Georgia soul recordings - again by label, plus news, reviews, articles and a gallery.

Bluesland Productions ~ Musician/writer/producer Fred James is now Nashville's King of R & B - and an all-round good guy.

Soul Cellar ~ Barry Fowden's informative and interesting site. The Radio Shows are particularly recommended.

Funky 16 Corners ~ Larry Grogan's excellent home of funk.

Soulful Kinda Music ~ Dave Rimmer's first class website and magazine. Primarily Northern soul but also great artist and label discographies, reviews, DJs and club events.

Shades Of Blue ~ Very interesting site covering blues and soul from the 1940 to the present day. Musical history, recommendations, competitions. Participative and enjoyable.

In Dangerous Rhythm ~ Colin Dilnot's always interesting blog - the best on the net for soul fans.

Southern Soul Newsgroup ~ Search for "southernsoul" and join up. Very knowledgeable clientele and some lively debates.

Fingerpoppin' Soul ~ Hans Diepstraten & Harry van Vliet's always excellent internet radio show every Thursday evening.

Soul Portrait ~ Alex Subinas' excellent site-cum-blog. Interviews and articles with interesting photos. Some text in spanish.

Blues Critic - News, reviews, charts and interviews on today's southern soul and blues. Easiy the best place to keep up to date with the progress of the scene - and you can buy the CDs that catch your ear!

Soul Express - The biggest and best online soul magazine. An excellent source of news, reviews etc.

Soul Up North - Not just a Northern Soul mag. Excellent regular deep page by Mike Finbow.

Ben The Balladeer - excellent blog from a man who really knows his deep and slow soul.

The Soul Detective - Red Kelly's inovative approach to a soul blog is always both informative and entertaining.

Contemporary Southern Soul - Daddy B Nice's is the place to go for info on today's southern soul scene. Artists, awards, top 10s, memorabilia - it's all here.

Sitting In The Park - Bob Abrahamian's website for his Chicago Radio Show. It contains links to his playlists and also to a large number of detailed interviews with soul artists. Some very obscure names too - fascinating.

Poretta Soul Festival - Graziano Uliani's wonderful annual show - probably the best southern soul gathering in the world.

The Singing Bones - Ana's excellent blog. Particualrly strong on her native Louisiana music, full of informative text and quality tracks.

Old Soul Music - Eric Parsons fine blog full of great old school soul tracks.

Blues Bytes - Rev Billy C Wirtz's very informative weekly gospel music column. The link is to the table of contents for recent columns.

In The Basement - The wonderful magazine is sadly no more but Editor David Cole is stil providing excellent CD reviews here.

Home Of The Groove - Dan Phillips' excellent and informative New Orleans blog.

Greenville & Beyond - Kris Holmes highly informative blog on the music made by that man of mystery Henry Hines in Mississippi.

Just Gospel - excellent gospel label listing site run by Ray Meyers.

Soulful Blogspot - Allen's very interesting blog with lots of info on the American Studios and its musicians.

Further Reading

There is a UK based printed magazine that covers the sort of music on this site.

Juke Blues ~ Although nominally blues based, the soul pages are almost always devoted to southern/deep artists.

Where to Buy

Mucho Music ~ The best site to buy deep and southern soul CDs. Excellent friendly service and the best stock in the world. They also sell blues and R & B discs.

If this site drives you to listen to more southern or deep soul then it will have done its job. However, finding some of the discs recommneded here isn't easy. Obviously internet search engines can be your friend and there are a lot of soul vendors out there. Most are only concerned with Northern soul, but there are 2 suppliers who are not only first class traders but who also regularly offer the real thing for sale. They are:-

Vinyl Search ~ Matt Starr is the most knowledgeable deep soul collector in the US and his on-line store reflects this. Friendly, helpful and efficient as well. Gospel music is also one of his specialities.

Voices From The Shadows ~ Owner Rod Dearlove used to run "Voices" the world's best soul magazine, loves deep soul (among other varieties) and often has rarities for sale. There are bargains to be had here as well.

Northern Soul 45s ~ Pat Brady's first class site full of goodies. One of the good guys - excellent dealer.

Several people have written to me asking about CD purchases. What to buy and where to do it. I'll be writing an article on recommended deep/southern CDs shortly but in the meantime here are some retailers whose lists you might want to check out.

Vivid Sound ~ Dave Porter is the best source of real soul CDs. He gets obscure releases from all over the world and his service is excellent. Occasional vinyl sales as well.

Dusty Groove ~ Very good source of US CDs. Quick, efficient shipping.

Roots & Rhythm ~ Frank Scott's outlet has been going for over 30 years now. Great selection of all types of American and European roots music. Blues a speciality.


Sir Shambling does not necessarily endorse the contents of these linked sites and he disclaims all liability arising from the information or materials contained on any linked sites.

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